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Yield farming aggregator



The ways to make money across the decentralized finance ecosystem are many—you can, for example, earn trading fees on one protocol, use that to borrow money on another, then lend that money on a third. Doing this requires a lot of thought, time, and planning, however, which is why yearn finance founder Andre Cronje built a set of protocols that would employ complicated trading strategies automatically. The result is a set of “robot” investment tools that involve passively shifting your capital around the Ethereum ecosystem in order to take advantage of opportunities and/or higher interest rates. The native token is YFI.


Depositing cryptocurrencies into either of yearn’s two main products allows users to employ sophisticated investing strategies without having to devote a lot of time and brainpower to their execution. yVaults is essentially a smart savings account, where a user deposits cryptocurrency and the system employs a “strategy” across the Ethereum blockchain in order to earn the highest returns. yEarn, meanwhile, uses specific supported coins, such as DAI, and makes money by moving them around high-interest lending pools, including Compound, Aave, and dYdX. In either case, you’ll earn more money than you would by leaving your capital in a single place or trying to move it around manually.

Current price:$8,069.96

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30,000 YFI Resources