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Decentralized oracle network

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Because blockchains are basically algorithms, they are blind to the outside world unless you provide them with information. What kinds of information might you want to provide a blockchain? Things like asset prices, balances, or computation performed offline by other apps. Chainlink is a tamper-proof, reliable way to provide this information to your online protocols. It is infrastructure for building or connecting “oracles,” otherwise known as data reporters. Users who operate nodes (servers or computers in the decentralized system) in Chainlink’s architecture are paid in Chainlink tokens (LINK).


Anyone who has a data feed or any other software interface can join the Chainlink network and undertake jobs to retrieve and provide data to smart contracts. Chainlink is a piece of infrastructure that is ubiquitous in decentralized finance, but could also form an important part of the next internet, in which data could inform autonomous processes in transportation, farming, and other industries.

Chainlink News

American footballer Dez Bryant to launch NFTs that track player stats with support from Chainlink

Dez Bryant’s Personal Corner recently announced the launch of dynamic NFTs that will change based on a specific athlete’s stats, such as touchdowns, interceptions, tackles, sacks, and more–with support from Chainlink Sports Data Feeds.

CryptoSlatePublished January 10, 2022

Key drivers behind Chainlink’s exponential growth

During the past year, the increasing adoption of Chainlink Data Feeds was accompanied by the network’s release of new computation-based services–leading to a surge in the total number of integrations.

CryptoSlatePublished January 8, 2022

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1,000,000,000 LINK

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