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Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token

Blockchain-Based Digital Advertising

About Basic Attention Token


Basic Attention Token (BAT) is the unit of currency in the BAT network, a platform for digital advertising. The foundation of this system is a privacy-focused web browser called Brave, which can track user attention and reward both websites and users for the attention given to ads. Rewards are provided in BAT, which advertisers, publishers, and users can spend, gift, and earn. The system operates over the Ethereum blockchain.


Users can donate BAT to support the sites they visit, automatically or via direct tipping. The network also plans to offer exclusive premium products and content through BAT eventually, similar to credit card rewards. BAT can be traded for other coins and tokens on major exchanges.

Current price:$0.3033

Economic Details

Basic Attention Token Details

Max Supply
1,500,000,000 BAT

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