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The process of periodically restructuring a portfolio to meet investment goals.

ExpertJuly 26, 2022
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A type of cryptocurrency that is typically backed by a reference asset, such as gold, the U.S. dollar, or even other cryptocurrencies, in order to reduce price volatility

IntermediateFebruary 3, 2022
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Active vs. Passive Management

Two ways of managing a portfolio, either by attempting to replicate the gains of the market (passive) or outperform it (active).

BeginnerOctober 11, 2021
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A data storage system most often used as a transparent, unalterable ledger.

BeginnerSeptember 15, 2021
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Public and Private Keys

The encryption technology that allows cryptocurrency transactions to be visible to all yet accessed only by the intended recipient.

IntermediateSeptember 7, 2021
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Investment Basket

Makara’s curated selection of diversified crypto assets.

BeginnerSeptember 7, 2021
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The smallest denomination of a Bitcoin

ExpertSeptember 7, 2021
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Fractional Ownership

An arrangement whereby multiple people pool their resources to acquire a high-value asset that they are not willing or able to buy on their own.

IntermediateSeptember 7, 2021
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A digital asset secured by cryptography and exchanged on a blockchain network.

BeginnerSeptember 7, 2021
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A means of storing the public and private keys that allow you to make transactions on the blockchain.

BeginnerAugust 17, 2021
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Smart Contracts

Enforceable agreements between two parties that are secured by blockchain technology.

ExpertAugust 16, 2021
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Non-Fungible Tokens

A one-of-kind unit of code that certifies the uniqueness of a digital asset. It can also be used to trace the chain of ownership of assets, both digital and physical.

ExpertAugust 16, 2021
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Fiat Currencies

Money established as legal tender by the decree of a central authority.

BeginnerAugust 16, 2021
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Peer-to-Peer Networks

Distributed computer networks in which all participants have equal control over data.

IntermediateAugust 16, 2021
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Distributed Ledger

A database shared across a peer-to-peer network that is visible to all and allows any of the network’s nodes to add information.

IntermediateAugust 2, 2021
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Traditionally, any cryptocurrencies that aren’t Bitcoin, but that may change as other options rise in stature.

IntermediateAugust 2, 2021
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Market Capitalization

The total value of a cryptocurrency’s available coins or tokens.

IntermediateAugust 2, 2021
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Bitcoin Mining

The process that allows Bitcoin transactions to occur and releases new Bitcoins into circulation.

IntermediateAugust 2, 2021
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The first widely adopted cryptocurrency and the industry standard.

BeginnerAugust 2, 2021
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Decentralized Finance

Traditional banking done outside of the traditional banking system.

IntermediateAugust 2, 2021
ETH (0-00-03-22)


An open-source, distributed computing network built on blockchain technology that provides developers with a platform to build and operate decentralized applications.

BeginnerAugust 2, 2021
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A crypto asset that can be bought and sold on a blockchain and used as a store of value.

IntermediateAugust 2, 2021

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