The Wait is Over: Say Hello to Makara

Authored by Jesse Proudman
Jesse Proudman

Jesse Proudman

Published June 25, 20213 min

We’ve been waiting a very long time to say this: Launch day is here!

Our team has been hard at work for the last nine months, but these past few weeks have truly been a mad sprint. We’ve been working day and night—kind of like crypto, actually—to get everything ready. We finessed our software and finalized our partnerships, and we had a few individual investors testing the platform, investing real money and looking for kinks. All to bring you one of the simplest ways to invest in crypto.

We’ve been blown away by the response so far. More than 20,000 people signed up for our waitlist, and we’re incredibly grateful for and humbled by that. The demand confirms what we’ve thought all along: Crypto can and should be so much more accessible.

I recently read an article that said one in three cryptocurrency investors don’t actually understand what they’re investing in. That hurts my heart, and it’s something I think Makara can change. Whether you’re a crypto pro who cares about hash rate or a complete newbie who doesn’t know the difference between BitPay and Bitcoin Cash, we’ve designed Makara to be the perfect place for you. On our site, we’ll guide you through the issues affecting the industry, and if you need it, we’ll guide you through the industry itself, with simple explanations of basic crypto terminology. We want to help you be a part of the most innovative new asset class in a generation. And of course, we want to help you make money.

We’re one of the first SEC-registered automated investment advisors in crypto, so when you invest with Makara, you get a partner who is required to play by the rules. That, plus the fact that we use a qualified custodian, means you can feel secure about investing because we have state-of-the-art security measures, including data encryption that protects your funds whether they’re in transit or at rest.

After all this time, we’re excited to finally be able to show you what we’ve been working on. If you signed up for our waitlist, expect your invite in the coming days. If you haven’t signed up yet, click here to do it now. And please let us know what you think.

Authored By
Jesse Proudman

Jesse Proudman

Jesse is the co-founder and CEO of Makara, and the co-founder of Strix Leviathan. Prior to Strix Leviathan and Makara, Jesse founded Blue Box, a cloud computing startup that he led to a successful acquisition by IBM. During his time at IBM as a Distinguished Engineer, Jesse focused on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency applications. He currently serves on the board for the Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Washington.