Makara’s App Just Got Even Better

Authored by Matt Kern

Matt Kern

Published October 1, 20216 min
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Since we officially launched in June, a lot has changed. The market went down, then way up, then down a little, and then up a little. We got a new website and launched an educational platform that walks you through all aspects of crypto without making your eyes roll into the back of your head. China stirred things up. The world found out that Britney’s dad may have bugged her bedroom

But maybe most important to us (after the Britney thing, of course) is that we learned a lot. We saw how you used the app, read your suggestions about what could be better. In response, we adapted. And we continue to adapt, constantly thinking of ways we can improve the Makara app in order to improve your investment experience. We made some big changes today (including our first automatic portfolio rebalancing) and we’ve got plenty more coming down the pipe. Here’s a look at what was introduced today, along with what’s to come.

Today: Brand-New Baskets and Assets

We started with six investment baskets, our pre-built portfolios that diversify your holdings and allow you to put your money behind aspects of the crypto market that you find particularly interesting. Some expose you to a type of token, like our DeFi basket, and some let you buy into a little bit of everything. Today, we introduced a seventh basket, called Web 3.0, that focuses on tokens that are working to build the next generation of the internet. By investing in the Web 3.0 basket, you are helping to build that new internet too.

Along with the new basket, we’ve also expanded the total number of coins we offer across our baskets from 38 to 48. We now have ways to invest in Fantom, Cryptex, Tezos, Ankr, Alchemix, Mirror, Axie Infinity, Moss Carbon Credit, Terra, and, yes, even Dogecoin

In the Next Month: Auto-Deposits, Performance Tracking, and Referral Bonuses


We’ve built our app to make crypto investing super easy. Like, ridiculously easy. But here’s the thing: We want you to do even less work. Specifically, we want you to be able to add to your investments automatically, without having to remember—or even return to your account—to do so. That’s why we’ll soon enable the ability to schedule recurring deposits that happen either every month, every week, or every payday (on the first and the fifteenth).

The Performance Widget of Your Dreams

It’s important to know exactly where you and your investments stand. That’s why we’re upgrading how we chart your progress and how you follow it. Our app’s main graph will have a whole new look, providing a far clearer sense of where you are and where you’ve been. Eventually, it’ll also be broken down by basket so that you can see how each part of your portfolio is performing and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Refer-a-Friend Bonuses

Whether it’s a friend, a colleague, a neighbor, an aunt, or an astronaut you follow on Twitter, whenever someone signs up for Makara using your referral link, you’ll both get $20 worth of an altcoin, randomly chosen from the ones we offer. And there’s no cap on the number of times you’ll be able to get a bonus for getting someone to sign up. Whenever you bring new investors to us, you deserve to be rewarded (and so do they).

In the Next Few Months: Active Baskets

This is the big one. We’re adopting a kind of technology akin to what’s long been used by the quantitative geniuses over at our sister company, the crypto hedge fund Strix Leviathan. Instead of using a fixed allocation of coins (70% of these, 15% of those, 10% of this) the way we currently do, our active baskets will automatically adjust each week to shift investments toward whichever asset our algorithm sees as having the most momentum. The following week, it will take stock and adjust again—and so on, over and over, always seeking to take advantage of whichever wave is surging the most at that moment.

It is truly revolutionary. A first-of-its-kind, dynamic form of crypto investing. We can’t wait to show it to you.

Authored By

Matt Kern

Matt is the President and CTO of Makara. He brings more than two decades of engineering and development experience to his role overseeing the technology and infrastructure at Makara. Before joining Makara, Matt founded several tech-based companies including Pact, a tax compliance automation platform. In 2007, Matt was one of the original eight developers of webOS, the first native mobile JavaScript framework which is still used in Smart TVs and other devices today. Matt earned his Bachelor’s degree from University of the Pacific and is currently based in Bend, Oregon where he builds big things in a little shed in the woods.