Everything You Need to Know About Crypto (Abridged)

Authored by Makara


Published August 17, 20213 min
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When we launched Makara, we knew we had to be different. As we see it, the world of crypto offers a unique opportunity—a chance for everyone to take on the role of angel investors by buying into and supporting an entirely new technology. We want to make sure this opportunity is accessible to anyone who is interested. A big part of how we do that is through our investment baskets, highly curated and diversified selections of cryptocurrencies. We even have a little quiz to help you choose which baskets are right for you. Our baskets make crypto investment easy, but that isn’t enough. We also want to make it understandable.

For many people, crypto is complicated and unapproachable. There are thousands of assets, all with names that sound alike, and you have to learn an entirely new vocabulary if you hope to understand what anyone is talking about. The learning curve can be steep—and judging by the educational materials that are currently out there, it takes a little longer to climb because of all of the accidental naps along the way. We want to change that.

Along with guiding you through the issues affecting the crypto industry on our blog, we’ve also launched a guide to the industry itself, called CryptoEDU. This constantly growing library of concepts and definitions teaches you the intricacies of things like fiat currencies and public and private keys. It can walk you through the way blockchain technology and smart contracts work, and teach you the difference between a hot and cold wallet. And not even once will your eyes feel like they’re about to roll into the back of your head while you’re reading.

CryptoEDU brings us one large step closer to our goal, which is for Makara not to simply be a place where you can buy crypto, but somewhere that will help you understand exactly what it is and why you’re investing in it. Because then you’ll also understand exactly why we are the company to guide you.