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Authored by Jesse Proudman
Jesse Proudman

Jesse Proudman

Published April 7, 20215 min

Whether you’re talking about blockchain, hash rate, or asymmetrical encryption, the language of crypto often feels confusing—so confusing that many people find it completely unapproachable. Maybe that’s why, according to a 2020 study from Cornerstone Advisors, only 15% of American adults now own some form of cryptocurrency. Of that group, more than invested in cryptocurrency for the first time during the first six months of 2020.

Maybe you’re one of the 15%. Makara is made for you. Or maybe you’re one of the 85% who haven’t invested. Makara is made for you, too. Makara is made for everyone, from crypto pros to curious newbies. It’s crypto made easy.

Until now, there have been two main options to get into crypto investing. If you are extremely wealthy, you can join a fund at places like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, or Fidelity.

Otherwise you need a crypto exchange—a simple market for buying and selling that offers little, if any guidance. We knew that that wasn’t how it had to be. If crypto is the democratization of money, crypto needed a platform that democratized access. It needed Makara.

There are millions of curious and interested investors who are intimidated by an entirely new lexicon, risks, and other complexities. Makara aims to solve for those challenges with our thematic baskets and an approachable solution that is built on sophisticated technology. - Jesse Proudman, Makara Co-Founder

With Makara, members enjoy the benefits of a complete investing strategy that takes the guesswork out of crypto. Instead of asking you to research the thousands of available tokens, we’ve done it for you, selecting the most interesting assets and curating them into what we’re calling Makara Baskets. These diversified holdings, which you can think of almost like ETFs or index funds, give you exposure to different parts of the market. If you’re interested in a hedge against inflation, we have a basket for you. If you prefer to ride the momentum of the market, we have a basket for you. No matter what you want, we have a basket for you. We’ll even help you pick the right one. Just answer a few questions about your goals, interests, and risk tolerance, and we’ll suggest the perfect fit. It takes only five minutes.

Plus, we’ll teach you as you go. Along with helping you invest in crypto, a big part of our mission is to help you understand it. We’ll define terms and explain why they matter. When market shifts occur, we’ll analyze how and why they happened. And when Elon Musk tweets, we’ll gently roll our eyes and try to make sense of what’s next.

Authored By
Jesse Proudman

Jesse Proudman

Jesse is the co-founder and CEO of Makara, and the co-founder of Strix Leviathan. Prior to Strix Leviathan and Makara, Jesse founded Blue Box, a cloud computing startup that he led to a successful acquisition by IBM. During his time at IBM as a Distinguished Engineer, Jesse focused on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency applications. He currently serves on the board for the Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Washington.