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The Universe Basket spans the entire investable universe of the Makara platform. It’s an excellent and relatively conservative choice compared to other baskets as it provides the broadest exposure to every sector, including currencies, non-fungible tokens, and decentralized finance. Given the broad-based exposure, the Universe basket is risk-weighted and will rebalance every quarter with the objective that each asset provides an equal amount of risk to the overall risk of the basket.

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Basket Strategy

Basket Type:
Passive Basket
Market Selection:
All investable assets on the Makara platform, excluding stable coins.
Market Adjustments:
Risk Parity Weighted Allocation
Allocation Detail:
The Risk-Weighted approach utilizes "risk parity", an allocation diversification strategy designed to address the concentration of risk in specific assets by equalizing the contribution of each asset's risk to the overall risk of the Universe Basket. Please note that Basket allocations will drift during the quarter and are rebalanced on a quarterly basis.
Quarterly rebalancing to risk parity weighted allocation
Makara Launch Date:
May 1st, 2021
Performance Inception Date:
May 1st, 2021