About Us

In 2018, on the heels of 2017’s crypto bull market, a small group of entrepreneurs and engineers came together to solve a problem in cryptocurrency. As we saw it, crypto was a wild and untamed space. There was no industry data or news aggregator—no crypto version of a Bloomberg Terminal. There was no clean and consistent way of settling trades, no institutional-grade custody for digital asset storage, and no unified (and timely) path for liquidity. Instead, there was opportunity.

With the right software, many of the issues we saw plaguing the industry could be solved. We knew we were the team to build that software, so that’s exactly what we did.

We’re the team that built Strix Leviathan

Strix is an efficient and secure trading platform that uses algorithms to mitigate risk and volatility.

After going live with it in April 2018, Strix quickly became the industry’s most robust management platform.

We used it to operate a successful hedge fund, but because of SEC restrictions, access to these sophisticated tools remained out of reach for retail investors.

That didn’t sit right with us. We believe cryptocurrencies should be accessible to everyone. The industry provides a unique opportunity to invest in early-stage technology, and it has the potential to compound capital at rates unavailable in other asset classes. That shouldn’t be reserved for the wealthy. So in 2020, we spun off a new company using our software and we called it Makara, one of the first SEC-registered automated investment advisors in crypto.

Makara is crypto investing decrypted

With the Strix Leviathan platform at its core, Makara offers diversified baskets—curated and managed by our leading-edge technology—that cover the spectrum of available digital assets. It’s crypto on autopilot, automatically rebalancing baskets and shifting to the currencies that our sophisticated algorithms recommend.

Makara provides an opportunity for anyone to invest in a basket of digital assets

For as little as $50, you can invest in crypto in less than five minutes. There’s no prior knowledge required, either, since our education-focused approach takes the inscrutability out of crypto. We want you to understand exactly what you’re investing in and why. Because then you’ll also understand exactly why we are the company to guide you.