Meet the Makara Team

We are a bunch of happy, hard-working people who are passionate about democratizing access to cryptocurrency.

Jesse Proudman, Co-founder and CEO

Jesse Proudman

Co-founder and CEO
Sadie Raney, Co-founder

Sadie Raney

Nico Cordeiro, Co-founder

Nico Cordeiro

Matt Kern, Co-founder and CTO

Matt Kern

Co-founder and CTO
Liz Fong, Vice President of Operations

Liz Fong

Vice President of Operations
Matt Heater, Vice President

Matt Heater

Vice President
Kelly Chambers, Vice President of Marketing

Kelly Chambers

Vice President of Marketing
Markus Schirp, Lead Backend Software Engineer

Markus Schirp

Lead Backend Software Engineer
Martin Gamsjaeger, Senior Software Engineer

Martin Gamsjaeger

Senior Software Engineer
Dan Kubb, Senior Software Engineer

Dan Kubb

Senior Software Engineer
Cameron Fay, Director of Marketing

Cameron Fay

Director of Marketing
Matt Beckley, Vice President, Client Services

Matt Beckley

Vice President, Client Services
Neil Hannah, Lead Frontend Software Engineer

Neil Hannah

Lead Frontend Software Engineer
Adrien Lo, Senior Software Engineer

Adrien Lo

Senior Software Engineer
Gregg Neville, Product Manager

Gregg Neville

Product Manager
Jonathan Langmack, Marketing & Business Development

Jonathan Langmack

Marketing & Business Development